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In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed - Charles Darwin

Addressing the systemic problems.

Academia and Industry faces an array of structural and systemic issues that fundamentally stunt progression and accuracy. 

While many issues have been identified, few have been addressed and none have been solved.

Current core issues:

        - Funding 

        - Collaboration

        - Reproducibility 

        - Publication

        - Personal Development

        - Harassment

        - Inequality

We welcome prospective, current and former PhD Students to share their knowledge and expertise.

We are compiling and developing an array of tools for researchers to boost productivity. 

We are always look to collaborate to bring in new ideas.

Structural Issues

We aim to regularly produce reports on the main structural issues faced in the field.

How these can be addressed and if any improvement have occurred during that time period.

Crowd Sourcing 

"True Wisdom is knowing you know nothing" - Socrates


We provide forums for questioning in a judgement free manner. 

Ground breaking ideas are often limited by expertise or equipment. We want to connect collaborators to achieve impactful, ambitious experiments.

Open Source Tools

Hardware and software costs are rising exponentially reducing accessibility to many researchers. A focus on opensource freeware reduces the burden of equipment costs and frees up capital for research and personnel.  

Developing the Future

There is a huge shortage of expertise in academia, industry and promoting expertise in the public domain.


We aim to accelerate opportunity, knowledge sharing and transparency for pre, present and post doctoral researchers.



We provide an array of link to tools, templates and personal tuition on various academic and industrial processes. 

Fostering the Present

We want to provide an array of free tutorials on core, specific and niche techniques for rapid skill acquisition.

Further consultation can be provided on an array of experimental configurations using either our inhouse team or collaborators. 

Mental Health

71% of PhD students experience at least mild depression in the UK. This is higher than any other grouping. 

Long working hours, low pay, poor living conditions are all contributing factors.

This has the potential to be further exacerbated by exploitative supervisors  and academic system. 

Here, we provide transparency  around the system .

Reimagining Research.
Impeccable Reliability.
Unprecedented Accuracy.

Our interdisciplinary team ranges across STEM fields from PhD to Post Doc but all understanding the growing pressures of those in the field.


Expectations to be writers, editors, graphic designers, data analysts, teachers, mentors and of course researchers. 

We want to assessable all the tools, templates, tutorials and talks to maximise your impact, while reducing your overall work load.


(Hopefully Improve When Live!)


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Countries World Wide



Our Partners

Partner with us and work with the futures most skilled and innovative individuals

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Development

If you're wanting to pursue a PhD or are currently completing your PhD we want your input. This will help to enhance your experience, and those into the future. 

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