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Tools and Resources

The Entire Lab List

The Entire Lab List is an ambitious list of everything required for an academic lab.

Logistics, Hardware, Software, Lab practise and Management, The Entire Lab List aims to provide and develop all of these to remove many of the stresses, limitations and blockages to lab based research. 

Anonymous Supervisor Reviews

Picking a supervisor is the most important aspects to a PhD. While many supervisors are excellent, there are equally those which leverage the gulf in power to exploit their students which is unsurprisingly not advertised to students while applying. 

We provide verified but anonymous reviews of supervisors, managers, departments and institutions and aim in future to provide greater support to those in potentially toxic working environments.  


Reduce onboard times, gain experience and practically learn a variety of techniques using our video tutorials. 


If you have an interesting idea but lack the background, facilities or knowledge, you can list the project and or search for people who would be interested in assisting you.

We want to publish a list of equipment, reagents and expertise and make this available to expedite your search for core equipment and expertise. We are also happy to provide our expertise on experimental design along with recommendations for collaboration. 

Integrating and enhancing your Ecosystem

We are always aiming to improve our offerings in line with the demands of scientists. If you have additional requirements, novel ideas or solutions, feel free to message us.

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